Introducing PostSharp VIP Content

by Gael Fraiteur on 30 Jun 2008

I have opened a special section of the forum for VIP community members. The objective is to share content with DNUG leaders, speakers, and technical writers.

Indeed, I've long looked for a way to make it easier for speakers to get something to show about PostSharp: some figures, some slides, or even whole presentations ready to be served. However, I needed some way to ensure that the same content will not be served twice to the same audience, and they the audience does not just get the same content as it can download from the web site.

The solution I found: make this content available to selected people only.

So if you are a user group team leader, conference organizer, speaker, technical writer -- or if you have any other good reason to get access to this content -- you can request membership in the VIP group. The VIP section is implemented as a protected forum in our message board, where downloads are simply attachments to the topic. Every time the content will be delivered somewhere, I'll add a post to the topic.

By the way, even if you get access to this section, you still need to respect copyrights and request for permission before publishing any non-trivial part of the content.

I just hope I don't frustrate tons of people because of that... Oh, if you want to see the content, why not ask your UG leader to organize something?

Happy PostSharping,