PostSharp Headed to NDC Oslo

by Iveta Moldavcuk on 23 May 2014

NDC Oslo 2014 is almost there. As every year, software developers will converge to Oslo. If you haven’t done it yet, watch David Appenborough’s fun documentary about this surprising seasonal migration.

PostSharp will have a strong presence with three team members, one workshop and one presentation!

NDC is connected with a few “firsts” for us: NDC 2011 was the finish line of the first PostSharp road tour ever. And this year will be the very first time we’ll have a booth! Well, this was quite an experience to get prepared to a conference of this size. We got new brochures, video loops and t-shirts, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to meet Gael and the PostSharp team:

As every year, the 2014 speaker alignment is awesome; we hope to see you there!




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