Announcing PostSharp 1.5 CTP 1

by Gael Fraiteur on 23 Jul 2008

Now that PostSharp 1.0 is pretty stable and anyway virtually frozen, I am pleased to announce that the first community technical preview of PostSharp 1.5, the current living branch of PostSharp, is now available for download.

This CTP makes a great leap forward in supporting more platforms:

  • Novell Mono. PostSharp now run on Mono and has been tested both in the Windows and the Linux implementation. PostSharp is now truly cross-platform, since the same PostSharp executable can now run on any platform.
  • Microsoft Silverlight 2. Who said aspects are only for server applications? Thanks to PostSharp 1.5, you can now apply aspects to your projects targeting Silverlight 2.
  • Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

Enlarging PostSharp support to these platforms required the possibility to read and transform assemblies without loading them in the CLR. Therefore, one of the hidden new features of PostSharp 1.5 is the ability to read assemblies directly from disk.

Another hidden feature is the support for assembly retargeting, which happens when an assembly reference is resolved to an assembly of higher version than was required. This feature, supported by the .NET framework, was missing in PostSharp. This first CTP offers a first yet incomplete solution to this issue.

The documentation and samples have been updated to include support for Silverlight and the Compact Framework.

Note that PostSharp 1.5 is not fully compatible with PostSharp 1.0. End-users should not see the difference, but if you played with PostSharp Core or with some advanced features of PostSharp Laos, your code will need some changes.

Happy PostSharping!