Announcing PostSharp 2.0 RC 1

by Gael Fraiteur on 16 Jun 2010

I am pleased to announce PostSharp 2.0 RC 1, available for download today. This is a real release candidate: it could be promoted to RTW if community’s feedback is good. The last CTP proved very stable (only a couple of major bugs have been reported), so I am very confident with this RC.

People, now it’s seriously time to migrate from PostSharp 1.5 to 2.0. I’ll blog about it next week so you won’t have any excuse!

What’s New in this RC?

  • Documentation!
  • Fixed support for Code Analysis (FxCop)
  • Easier configuration using files PostSharp.Custom.targets.
  • Streamlined license configuration and checking.
  • Happy Monday. Users of the community edition will figure out next Monday.
  • Add methods GetValue/SetValue to class LocationInfo
  • SDK: support for moving declarations from one parent to another

Bug Fixes

This release fixes the following issues:

  • MethodInterceptionAspect: local variables not visible in the debugger    
  • Native host: access to AssemblyReferenceList cache should be synchronized    
  • Support for assembly key revocation    
  • The MSBuild task should clean the license key before adding it to the command line    
  • ImportMemberAdvice may import the wrong implementation if Order=AfterIntroductions   
  • EventInterceptionAspect does not work for delegates returning a value   
  • Possibility to move a declaration from one parent collection to another    
  • AssertionFailedException in InstructionBlockBuilder    
  • GUI feature allowing to disable the evaluation period expiration message    
  • OnMethodBoundaryAspect throws InvalidOperationException    
  • PathTooLongException thrown during license checking    
  • Reference assemblies passed through file name (not directory) are not found   
  • MethodExecutionArgs.Method is set to the generic method definition instead of the generic method instance   
  • Optimization of OnMethodBoundaryAspect may cause unwanted sharing of MethodExecutionTag    

What’s Next?

I consider my job is done with PostSharp 2.0. I’m confident I’ll publish the RTW in early July. I should be able to provide hot fixes very quickly (even next business day) during the next 30 days.

Now that the product is finished, it’ll be time to temporarily remove my programmer’s hat and focus on two essential activities: marketing and hiring. If you know a sharp crafter, I want to hear from him :).

Happy PostSharping!