Announcing PostSharp 6.2 RTM, and a Faster Release Pace

by Gael Fraiteur on 16 May 2019

This is to announce the availability of PostSharp 6.2 RTM. This release focuses on the support of Visual Studio 2019. You can download it from Visual Studio Marketplace and upgrade your NuGet packages. If you're using our caching aspect with Redis, you may also read our breaking changes documentation.

PostSharp 6.2 comes just 2 months after the release of PostSharp 6.1. This, for us, is in itself a significant achievement. The previous release took 9 months to complete, and the second previous 12 months. This was clearly too slow to react to decreasing predictability (and quality, unfortunately) of Microsoft developer product plans and previews. We changed our release management and git branching strategy to cope with this reality. We now merge features to a release branch only when they are fully stable, tested and documented. This is why we could swiftly react to Microsoft's decision not to release C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0 together with Visual Studio 2019, although we've had started to work on these features as well.

Our topmost objective is to maintain a very high quality of the stable release of our product. Our second priority is to keep the ability to release support for new framework versions quickly after they are released by Microsoft, without being hindered by the lack of maturity of other in-progress and in-preview features.

Therefore, you can now look forward for more frequent, smaller releases.

Happy PostSharping!