Announcing PostSharp 6.3 RTM: Support for Linux and macOS, Improved VSX Performance, and More

by Lejla Rasic on 22 Oct 2019

As we continue to deliver on our mission of making .NET development more productive and enjoyable, it is exciting time for PostSharp team to announce PostSharp 6.3 RTM.  You can download it on our website and from

We’ve highlighted some notable features in 6.3 RC announcement such as the support for Linux and macOS build agents as well as significant improvement of the responsiveness of PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio thanks to a full async redesign.


So, here is the summary of what’s new and great in this release:


• Support for Linux and macOS build agents – note that development is still only officially supported on Visual Studio for Windows

• Improved responsiveness of PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio – making PostSharp a well-behaved asynchronous extension

• Support for shared and multi-targeted projects - PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio now works properly with files that are shared between several projects, and with multi-targeted projects

• Support for per-monitor awareness of DPI – resulting in much smoother experience

• Solved aspect ordering issue on async methods – for instance, it is now possible to add a code contract to the return value of a cached async method

• Contracts: ability to customize the type of thrown exceptions - we now use a factory pattern to instantiate exceptions, so you can completely customize the exceptions thrown by standard contracts


For a detailed description of all new features, please read the release candidate announcement.


PostSharp 6.3 RTM is an exciting release with several major improvements: build on Linux and macOS, smoother UX with PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio, and intuitive use of aspects on async methods.

Don’t forget to download the new release and if you run into any issues please use Support to report any problem. We at PostSharp are always focused on high-quality stable releases and on helping you produce clean and reliable software that is easier to maintain. We do look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Happy PostSharping!