Announcing: PostSharp Training

by Britt King on 29 Sep 2011

We’re thrilled to finally announce the availability of PostSharp training, worldwide. We’ve assembled an experienced team of trainers and consultants to offer a comprehensive 2 day course that’s designed to bring you up to speed fast on aspect-oriented programming and PostSharp.

The course includes hands-on labs and discussion where you’ll learn how to:

  • create PostSharp aspects; and
  • successfully introduce PostSharp aspects into complex projects.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to your own applications, and produce cleaner, more efficient, higher quality code than ever before.

Meet our Training & Consulting Partners

Donald Belcham is a senior software developer, independent contractor, and agile development expert who is a strong supporter of fundamental OO patterns and practices. He is co-author of the book, Brownfield Application Development in .NET (Manning Press, 2008), and actively shares his expertise with other technical professionals at user groups, code camps and conferences held throughout the world. Past lectures have covered topics that encompass development practices, quality team leadership, and the intricacies of new and emerging technologies.


Golo Roden works as self-employed trainer and consultant for C#, JavaScript and web development – focusing on code quality and agile methods. In 2011 he launched the Agile Development Framework, a comprehensive approach which combines the successful elements of previous agile methods. He has written more than 100 articles for professional magazines, has given more than 50 talks at international conferences, and wrote a book on C# in 2008. Golo blogs regularly and writes a recurring column on C# specialties for dotnetpro magazine.


Endjin is a collaboration of like-minded people who are imbued with an infectious enthusiasm for solving business problems through the smart application of technology. Their endjin-eers are outstanding individuals who have come together from across the business, creative and technology community having demonstrated a mastery of their craft. Unconstrained by industry vertical, company size or budget; endjin is motivated by solving problems. Their goal is to energize your business whether it is through a 2 hour conversation or 2 years of team effort.

PostSharp Training Agenda

The standard public agenda is composed of the following modules (note: for private training other topics can be introduced after discussion with the trainer):

  • Introduction to AOP
  • Basic aspects
  • Applying aspects to code
  • Interception aspects
  • Aspect composition
  • Composite aspects
  • Deployment and build process integration
  • Targeting different platforms
  • Best practices

We’ve got more exciting training news coming in the weeks ahead and, if you sign-up now to request more information about PostSharp training, we’ll let you in on the exciting news (including an exclusive offer) before we announce it publicly.

Happy PostSharping!