Building on Linux and macOS

by Dagmar Zweschperova on 13 Aug 2019

Exciting news! Our PostSharp compiler now runs on Linux and macOS. This means you're no longer restricted to building on Windows when using the PostSharp package in your .NET Core and .NET Standard projects. 

We achieved this by reimplementing our previous dependencies on Windows components using .NET Core APIs. A key example of this is the strong name signatures, which until now, depended on .NET Framework. 

But we're not stopping there... 

While some features might be currently disabled and PostSharp may not behave ideally in the UNIX environment, we're actively working to solve these issues. 

Which distros are supported? 

Our main focus has been on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and 18.04, but we're also keeping an eye on Alpine Linux and macOS Mojave. We intend to support operating systems that are compatible with the official .NET Core SDK on x64 architecture. 

Enjoy building with PostSharp on your favorite platform!