Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell Rock!

by Britt King on 26 Mar 2011


For those of you who don’t yet subscribe to .NET Rocks! and its training video counterpart, dnrTV, you’re missing out on some wonderfully entertaining and informative talk shows.

Since 2002, Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell have been speaking with guests about programming in Microsoft .NET and, after nearly 650 episodes, show no signs of slowing down.

Gael was invited to be on .NET Rocks! in early February but, due to a bad phone line, he had to reschedule. Luckily both he and Carl attended this year’s NYC Code Camp, where they could finally sit down and record face-to-face. Or so he thought…

Listen to the first few minutes of the podcast to learn how Carl and Richard were finally able to record the show with Gael. Then, after you’ve had a good chuckle, continue listening to the podcast to learn more about programming with aspects.

DotNet Rocks

Listen to the podcast:

Highlights include:

10:32 – What is an aspect?

12:10 – Using PostSharp for more than just Tracing and Logging

14:12 – Why having a bug in your aspect is safer than in the implementation of the manual line

20:20 – Two multithreading issues that can be solved using aspects

25:41 – Richard’s favorite example of AOP

36:43 – Static versus Dynamic AOP

40:08 – What’s next for PostSharp

Show the Code.

Gael also recorded a PostSharp demonstration with Carl on dnrTV. The shows on dnrTV are equally as entertaining as those on .NET Rocks! but with one very important difference: the code!

In this webcast-like format, guests are able to demonstrate technical topics in greater detail. That’s exactly what you’ll see in the recording with Gael as he dives deep into PostSharp – showing both common and advanced aspect usage.


Watch the recording:

Highlights include:

02:10 – TraceArgumentsAspect : OnExceptionAspect

13:47 – TracePerformanceAspect : OnMethodBoundaryAspect

23:15 – CacheAttribute : MethodInterceptionAspect

45:57 – Undo/Redo

Special thanks to Carl and Richard for inviting Gael as a guest on both shows. And many thanks to all of you who watched the shows and provided feedback. Keep it coming.

Happy PostSharping!