Experimental Support for ASP.NET

by Gael Fraiteur on 27 Feb 2008

I have just checked in a library (actually, only two classes) allowing to use PostSharp in ASP.NET projects. The stuff is hosted at https://code.google.com/p/postsharp-user-plugins/. The reason why it did not work previously is that ASP.NET compilation does not go through MSBuild, so PostSharp was simply not invoked.

Indeed, MSBuild has its own compilation mechanism. Fortunately, it has an extension point that seems just done for PostSharp: the IAssemblyPostProcessor interface. As you may imagine, it allows to post-process the compiled assembly.

So I simply developed an implementation of this interface (one class). The second class is a configuration handler.

Here is how to use this preliminary version of the library (from the documentation):

In order to use PostSharp in a web project, specify this class as an assembly post-processor in web.config:



<compilation debug="true"

assemblyPostProcessorType="PostSharp.AspNet.AssemblyPostProcessor, PostSharp.AspNet"/>



Additionally, you have to add the <postsharp ... /> section in the configuration file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<!-- Add a configuration handler for PostSharp. -->


<section name="postsharp"

type="PostSharp.AspNet.Configuration.PostSharpConfiguration, PostSharp.AspNet"/>


<!-- PostSharp configuration -->

<postsharp directory="P:\open\branches\1.0\Core\PostSharp.MSBuild\bin\Debug" trace="true">


<!--<add name="parameter-name" value="parameter-value"/>-->



<!-- Always add the binary folder to the search path. -->

<add name="bin" value="~\bin"/>

<!-- Then add the location of plug-ins that are not installed in standard locations. -->

<add name="laos-weaver" value="P:\open\branches\1.0\Laos\PostSharp.Laos.Weaver\bin\Debug"/>






<!-- Note the 'assemblyPostProcessorType' attribute. -->

<compilation debug="true"

assemblyPostProcessorType="PostSharp.AspNet.AssemblyPostProcessor, PostSharp.AspNet">

<authentication mode="None"/>

<trace enabled="true" pageOutput="true"/>



In all configuration parameters and in search path elements, the tilde character (~) is replaced by the physical path of the application.

Be prepared that the compilation will be much much longer, especially if it is fine-grained...

This is a preliminary version, feedback is welcome!

Happy postsharping!