Introducing the Early Access Program

by Gael Fraiteur on 01 Feb 2011

Last week we announced that PostSharp 2.1 CTP was available under our Early Access Program (EAP, in short). So what is the SharpCrafters EAP? It’s very simple:

  • Free and open to everyone. You register by selecting the right option in your user profile.
  • Get access to pre-releases. One you registered, CTPs and hot fixes will be unlocked.
  • Get notifications to your mailbox every time an important bug has been fixed. We do not send commercial emails, just technical ones.
  • Unsubscribe at any time. If you don’t want to participate in our EAP, you can unregister at any time by editing your profile.

So why are we offering this EAP? It’s also simple: because we need your help. Although we test every change carefully and have lots of regression tests, we just can’t think of every possible combination. Development environments have very different configurations, and compiler sometimes emit non-standard assemblies or debugging symbols. Most of the time, when we can think of a situation, we have a test for it. Most bugs come from situations we did not imagine. So we need your help to test PostSharp with the largest set of scenarios possible.

Our way to say Thanks!

Since we appreciate the time you spend testing our software and reporting issues, we will offer one free license of PostSharp Professional Edition for every bug you report and reproduce. You qualify if:

  • You help us reproduce the issue, i.e. you typically provide material (source code or DLL) that let us reproduce and fix the bug.
  • You are the first to report and reproduce the bug.
  • We acknowledge it as a bug of reasonable importance (not as a ‘feature’ or a minor defect without impact, for instance).
  • You have to claim the free license by email. Don’t assume we remember everything :).

If you report more than one bug, you will receive several free licenses for you to give away (not for resale).

We need your help. To get started, download PostSharp 2.1 CTP and report issues in the support forum.

Happy PostSharping!