[Live Webinar] Automate INotifyPropertyChanged with Karol Waledzik from Internetium

by Britt King on 11 Sep 2012

Join us on Thursday, September 13th, for the next PostSharp Live Webinar when our guest will be Karol Waledzik from Internetium.

Karol WaledzikKarol is the software architect and team lead at Internetium in Warsaw, Poland, and is largely responsible for building our new line of PostSharp Toolkits.

He wrote a 2-part blog post last month about the pain most WPF developers experience by having to manually implement change notifications, and how the Domain Toolkit, the latest addition to our product family, automates this for (nearly) all standard business cases.

On Thursday’s live webinar, Karol will walk you through the PostSharp Domain Toolkit and show how it treats the implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged seriously and finally ends change notifications pain for WPF developers.


During the webinar you will learn:

  • Why previous attempts to tackle INotifyPropertyChanged by other libraries fell short
  • What makes the Domain Toolkit different from other libraries
  • How the toolkit automates change notifications
  • What other scenarios the toolkit supports automatically
  • The limitations of the toolkit and available customization

If you're tired of having to manually implement INotifyPropertyChanged in WPF applications, and want to gain insight into how the PostSharp Domain Toolkit can end change notification pain in your own projects, be sure to watch Thursday's live webinar.

Space is limited.

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