[Live Webinar] NuGet for the Enterprise with Alex Papadimoulis

by Britt King on 05 Jul 2013

Next week’s guest on the PostSharp Live Webinar is Alex Papadimoulis, founder of Inedo, makers of the DevOps platform - BuildMaster, and The Daily WTF, a fun website dedicated to building software the wrong way.

On Thursday, July 11th (09:00 PDT, 12:00 EDT, 16:00 GMT) Alex will speak about NuGet, the popular open-source library package manager for .NET, and show how it helps developers escape from "dependency hell" while discovering new third-party libraries.

There are pitfalls with the tool however and Alex will demonstrate how, with NuGet, what works in the open source-world doesn't always translate well to enterprise development.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • how developers are successfully using NuGet;
  • why PostSharp chose NuGet for deployment management;
  • what deployment management issues to watch out for; and
  • when to consider solutions like private repositories.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to leverage NuGet and private repositories to improve your enterprise architecture be sure to sign-up for the next PostSharp live webinar.

Seats are limited so reserve your spot today!

See you there!