Patterns On The Road – Russia 2015

by Gael Fraiteur on 26 Feb 2015

If you’ve ever wondered how important Russian developers are to the .NET community, look no further than Resharper and DevExpress. The first comes to us from Saint Petersburg with love, the second is located in Tula, a 2-hour drive South from Moscow. At time when politicians and media feed us with fears and lies about Russia, we would like to remind how fruitful this relationship is to developers of all countries – and want to contribute to strengthen it.

Today, I’m excited to announce I’ll deliver the Patterns On The Road tour from March 11th to March 18th in Moscow and St Petersburg, the largest developer communities in Moscow. The objective of this tour is to talk about the idea of pattern-oriented development: not just designing with patterns (what you’ve hopefully already done since the GoF book), but also thinking and coding with patterns. I’ll show how these ideas apply to a killer problem: thread safety. For those who want to learn about PostSharp, there will be a free training day in both towns.

An evening of patterns or a full day of PostSharp? Choose what’s best for you:

Evening Meet-up: Patterns Don't Stop at Design - Be a Pattern-Driven Team

Design patterns are now universally accepted and have significantly improved the way we design software. However, they had relatively little impact on how we implement it. This talk advocates for a better integration of pattern thinking in the whole development cycle. It challenges popular dogmas about design patterns and shows unexpected connections with agile methodologies. It shows how to apply pattern thinking to a top problem: thread safety.

  • On March 12 (Moscow) or 16 (St Petersburg) evening. FREE event. Register now.

Training Day: Advanced PostSharp From the Horse’s Mouth

While the evening lecture remains quite general, this training day describes how we can implement pattern-driven development specifically with PostSharp.

The course opens with a quick journey through the history of programming languages and design patterns, then asks the fundamental question: why is it that we think in terms of patterns, and actually design with patterns, but actually abandon that pattern thinking as soon as we start writing code? This sets up the agenda for the whole day: thread safety, INotifyPropertyChanged, undo/redo, aspect-oriented programming and architecture validation.

  • On March 13 (Moscow) or 17 (St Petersburg). FREE event but limited capacity. Register now.


I’m looking forward to visit Russia again after almost 20 years. Additionally to delivers public talks, I’ll visit Kaspersky Lab in Moscow and JetBrains in St Petersburg. It will be exciting to meet the developers there.

Happy PostSharping!