Policies for PostSharp 1.5 Legacy

by Gael Fraiteur on 11 Mar 2010

Since we announced the commercial launch of SharpCrafters, many members of the PostSharp community have expressed concerns about further support of PostSharp 1.5. With reason: version 1.5 is still the only one labeled stable, and 2.0 is still officially a technology preview.

Here are our policies for further support of PostSharp 1.5:

Rule 1. We don’t take back what we gave away

Licenses are irrevocable. If you had a license on PostSharp 1.5 yesterday, you have it forever. SharpCrafters has no right to revoke GPL/LGPL licenses.

Rule 2. We won’t even change the license on future builds of PostSharp 1.5

All future builds of PostSharp 1.5 will be licensed under original GPL/LGPL license agreements. We make this commitment to guarantee that no one gets into trouble in the middle of a project. If your team approved the PostSharp 1.5 license, there is no need to reassess your decision.

Rule 3. We will release a last service pack in a couple of weeks. Free support will then be discontinued.

In coming days, we will correct all pending bugs and release PostSharp 1.5 SP1 under GPL/LGPL.

After this service pack has been released, free support on SharpCrafters Forum will be discontinued for non-paying users. Note that the community can still seek and offer help on StackOverflow.

Rule 4. You can acquire commercial licenses and support subscriptions for PostSharp 1.5

For the symbolic amount of 19 EUR (totally, not per user), you can extend your licenses and support subscriptions of PostSharp 2.0 to PostSharp 1.5. That means that PostSharp 1.5 is dual-licensed: commercial and GPL/LGPL.

This offer is limited to June 1st, 2010. If you want licenses and support for PostSharp 1.5, you need to acquire them now, and in the price you get licenses for 2.0. Don’t forget to select the option “License Extension to PostSharp 1.5”.

Rule 5. After the last SP, bugs will be fixed only from your support subscription on a per-case basis

Bugs in PostSharp 1.5 will be solved only for customers with a valid support subscription, and we will withdraw one support case per each customer’s request.


We are taking smooth steps to move from an open-source model to a commercial model. Our principal concern is to avoid causing problems to the many folks who rely on PostSharp for serious business. However, as you all understand, we can’t provide free support forever on all versions. SharpCrafters’ new free offering is PostSharp 2.0 Community Edition, and all community users will have access to our support forum and hot fixes.

Don’t hesitate to share any concern or question by commenting this blog. Thank you in advance.

Happy PostSharping!