PostSharp 3 Documentation Online

by Gael Fraiteur on 27 Mar 2013

We reached one of the last milestones before the RC: publishing the documentation! You can now browse it online from

Yet this is not a good time for all of you to rush on PostSharp 3 because I’ll have vacation (till April 7th) before the dead march to RTM. Support will be provided as usually, but we won’t do bug fixing releases until I’m back.

I like to write the documentation myself because it forces me to do a last API review and makes sure all concepts line up. Documenting is a never-ending job, and I hope this first version of the documentation cover the most important questions. Yet, there are still important holes. Let me know if you find one that is specially important to you, so I can prioritize.

This being done, the road is now clear for RC and then RTM. Finally!

Happy PostSharping!