PostSharp 3 moves from Alpha to Beta

by Gael Fraiteur on 14 Feb 2013

Just a very short post to update you on the status on PostSharp 3. We spent the last 2 months stabilizing the new version, polishing new features without adding any new one, adding more tests, and running test suites on all supported platforms. The team is now quite satisfied with the quality, so we decided to move the quality label from Alpha to Beta. It means that we are code complete, that no important refactoring is planned, and that the only changes should be bug fixes and documentation. We have a few minor UI and UX bugs open, but there should be nothing serious.

The main task that separates us from the Release Candidate status is API and reference documentation. That’s what we are going to work on during the next couple of weeks. The API could still change during this process because documenting also works as an excellent review process.

If you are already using PostSharp 2.1, it is now a good time to try to upgrade to the next version and see if anything goes well. We don’t recommend you to “commit” the upgrade to your main development branch yet (and the PostSharp 3 does not come with a go-production license yet), but it would really help us to have feedback from the field. To upgrade to PostSharp 3, just use NuGet package manager at solution-level and add the pre-release PostSharp package to all projects.

We’re looking forward for your feedback.

Happy PostSharping!