PostSharp At Cruise Speed With Starcounter

by Gael Fraiteur on 05 Mar 2008

I am happy to announce that I started this week a long-term partnership with Starcounter AB, a Stockholm-based software shop producing a next-generation object database management system (ODBMS) that will make you understand the benefits of 64-bit hardware. I am not allowed to give too much details, but I'll sure do it once it will go public. Believe me, it sounds cool!

The good thing for PostSharp is that the partnership plans to reserve 40% of regular working time to PostSharp development. To be more precise, I will work in the average 3 days a week for Starcounter, but at a rate that allows me to invest the rest of the time in PostSharp.

Starcounter is already a old partner of PostSharp. Contacts started in June 2006, when they started considering PostSharp in their product. In November 2006, they sponsored the development of the hosting infrastructure, which allows to host PostSharp easily in server environments. In May-July 2007, they hired me to implement PostSharp in their product. The money allowed me to pack and publish the first release candidate, which was a really great step!

PostSharp just took too more time to be done in spare time (do you realize the time it takes to support users, correct bugs, and promote the project?). I am happy that our agreement will guarantee the future of PostSharp.

A great new for the community expecting long-term project viability!

Happy PostSharping!