PostSharp Community Survey 2009

by Gael Fraiteur on 05 Feb 2009

As PostSharp 1.0 is now released and stable, as PostSharp 1.5 is feature-complete, it's now time to get back to you, community, and ask your opinion about what has been done and which improvements you would like to see in PostSharp 2.0.

That's the reason  of the PostSharp Community Survey 2009 and I expressly invite you to complete it today.

The survey has many objectives:

  • Knowing who you are;
  • Understanding how you are using PostSharp;
  • Measuring your satisfaction;
  • Listening your expectations;
  • Evaluating the commercial potential of PostSharp 2.0 Pro (however it will be named).
  • Last and not least build a public list of customers and collect testimonials.
It should take only 5 minutes to fill in the form. You can take the survey fully anonymously if you want. And if you ever wonder how to contribute to the project... your feedback will definitively help the project!
I finish with some good news: as I wrote, PostSharp 1.5 is nearly ready (all bugs are corrected; I still need to write the doc) and we have started working on PostSharp 2.0. I say "we", because some great talent accepted to help me for that release. I'll give details once there will be something tangible to show.
Happy PostSharping, and please complete the survey.