PostSharp Fundamentals Course Added to Pluralsight

by Britt King on 08 Jun 2012

We’ve got great news for those of you who have been waiting patiently for a PostSharp online training course to become a reality:

Pluralsight, the online training provider for hardcore developers, announced this week the availability of the PostSharp Fundamentals course authored by senior software developer, trainer, and PostSharp MVP – Donald Belcham.

The course is an introduction to using PostSharp and covers all the fundamentals needed to effectively use it to create basic aspects in your applications. The course includes:

  • Introduction (Why and How to use Aspect-Oriented Programming)
  • Installation (EXE & MSI, NuGet, Source Control, License Management)
  • Out of the Box Aspects (OnMethodBoundaryAspect, OnExceptionAspect, EventInterceptionAspect, etc.)
  • Aspect Lifetime (Compile Time, Serialization & Deserialization, Run Time)
  • Existing Codebases (Approach, Attaching Aspects, Side Effects, Low Hanging Fruit)
  • Deployment (Deployables, Signing Assemblies, Obfuscation)
  • Developer Experience (Debugging, IDE Enhancements)

Many thanks to Aaron Skonnard and his team at Pluralsight for continuing to deliver quality online training from some of today’s leading .NET developers. Also a big congratulations and thanks to our good friend Donald Belcham for his continuing efforts to spread the word about the benefits of using PostSharp for AOP.

Watch Donald’s PostSharp Fundamentals course on Pluralsight >>