PostSharp on the road: kick off!

by Gael Fraiteur on 05 May 2011

I’m excited to kick off the PostSharp speaking tour, which will give me 8 speaking opportunities in the next 2 months.

Developer! Developer! Developer!

My first stop will be Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday May 7 at DDD Scotland 2011. I’ll be in town from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to meet up. I’m happy that the community wants (and voted) to hear more about aspect-oriented development. And yes – even if running SharpCrafters takes a lot of dedication, I still feel myself a developer above all, and am still very reluctant to use the term CEO (which I find inadequate for small companies anyway).


As a prelude to the speaking tour, I did a 3-stop trip to Belgium. On March 7th, I presented aspect-oriented programming in a (quite) non-technical way at La journée agile. This was a great event, and was my first public speaking in my native tongue since university! The audience was mainly composed of managers. The day after, I did a second presentation in French for DotNetHub. The recording is available here. Finally, on March 11th, I presented AOP to VISUG, but this time in English. Special thanks to Pierre-Emmanuel for securing these events.

After Glasgow, I’ll have one week in office where some of you will learn more about the next CTP.


During the week of May 18th, I will literally tour Germany (by train) and visit local user groups. This week will be crazy: Regensburg on Monday, Munich on Tuesday, Ulm on Wednesday, and Karlsruhe on Thursday. And now the worse: a 12 hour night trip by train to get back home in second-class day coach.

Since Germany cannot be toured in one week, I continue on June 6th with a visit of the Hamburg user group on Monday and Cologne on Tuesday.

We wanted to continue the tour, but had to cancel the next stops to fight directly to a first-class conference:

NDC, Oslo

Developers want to hear about AOP. And AOP is not just me: there will be a whole track on AOP and IoC at NDC 2011, featuring (Day 3, Track 5):

  • 9h00: Produce Cleaner Code with Aspect Oriented Programming (me)
  • 10:20: Advanced Aspect Oriented Programming (Donald Belcham)
  • 11:40: Ten Simple Rules for Rewriting IL on the CLR (Philip Laureano, author of LinFu)
  • 13:40: Inversion of Control containers: patterns and anti-patterns (Krzysztof Kozmic, maintainer of Castle DynamicProxy)

And because so many evangelist of different AOP churches, we organized a discussion panel on Day 2, moderated by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks!

If you will be NDC, be sure to attend the panel, and prepare your sharpest questions!

Back home

I’ll be home most of the summer and the autumn, assisting my wife as we and our 3 kids are expecting the delivery of twins for September.

A single exception: I’ll be at the See# Party in Switzerland on August 19th to make sure I reached absolutely all German speakers (Kreuzlingen is at the border between Austria and Switzerland).

Special thanks to Britt, our community dude, for organizing these speaking engagements while I am coding.


Twelve speaking engagements in a semester is a lot, but it’s not enough to spread the word to everybody. Fortunately, I’m not the only AOP speaker on earth. Our friends Marcus King, Marko Apfel, Donald Belcham and Matthew Groves are doing good work too. Check our community page to find an event in your region. And of course, if you want to be a speaker too, we can offer you free consulting and materials to help you get started.

Happy PostSharping!