[Recording] Automate INotifyPropertyChanged with Karol Waledzik from Internetium

by Britt King on 21 Sep 2012

Last month Karol Waledzik, a software architect and team lead at Internetium, wrote a 2-part blog post about the pain WPF and Silverlight developers experience by having to manually implement change notifications.

He debuted the PostSharp Domain Toolkit and wrote about the pain it alleviates by automatically handling (nearly) all standard business cases and generating exactly the right notifications, at exactly the right time.

Last week he demoed the toolkit during a live webinar, showing how it makes short work of change notification pain for developers and sharing details on its inner-workings.

Watch the recording and learn:

  • Why previous attempts to tackle INotifyPropertyChanged by other libraries fell short
  • What makes the Domain Toolkit different from other libraries
  • How the toolkit automates change notifications
  • What other scenarios the toolkit supports automatically
  • The limitations of the toolkit and available customization

The recording below includes the entire webinar plus Q&A session where Karol answered questions from the audience about the toolkit, the scenarios it currently handles and those still planned.

If you have additional questions about the Domain Toolkit, don’t hesitate to connect with our Support Desk for fast answers. If you’d like to take it out for a test drive, simply install the NuGet package.

Happy PostSharping!