SharpCrafters’ E-Shop is Open

by Vaclav Svacek on 11 Mar 2010

We were under daily assaults of people eager to buy PostSharp licenses. Now it’s ready. You can purchase licenses of PostSharp 2.0 online – or get a free community license.

Payment processing is handled by FastPay by FastSpring, an established and trusted partner with a large selection of payment types.

How it works

Clicking on the Purchase button brings you to a simple calculator designed to help you choose the best option based on the size of your team and your support requirements. Maybe you have already seen it since it’s the third most popular page of the site – just after downloads.

In order to proceed with your purchase, you need to be registered on our website. Don’t worry, you will not need to remember yet another username and password. Instead, our Login / Sign-In process uses OpenID technology.

After you specify licensee and review your order, you will be redirected to FastSpring to make a payment. You will then receive you new license by email.

Community License

PostSharp 2.0 offers free Community Edition with limited set of features. You can apply for your free Community License on the Compare PostSharp Editions page.


Online purchases are one of many steps in moving PostSharp from an open-source project to a commercial product. We have tried to make our e-shop easy, helpful and convenient and we hope your experience will confirm that.

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know, should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Your feedback is always welcome!

Happy PostSharping!