Week of PostSharp, Day 3 – You are already using AOP

by Gael Fraiteur on 21 Aug 2013

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I guess there’s a strange secret affair between Microsoft and Aspect-Oriented Programming. Never, ever has Microsoft used the word Aspect-Oriented Programming in its products. Yet, many products implement some of these concepts:

  • ASP.NET MVC (filters)
  • ASP.NET (modules)
  • WCF (custom behaviors)
  • Unity (interceptors)
  • Policy Injection Application Block (policy)
  • Base Class Library (transparent proxy, ContextBoundObject)

Thinking twice, it’s fair enough that Microsoft never called that aspect-oriented programming. After all, with the exception of ASP.NET MVC, these are quite purpose-specific implementations of one or two design patterns: pipes-and-filters, or proxies. But with ASP.NET MVC, they got pretty close.

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