X-tensive releases DataObjects.NET 4.0, the first commercial product distributing PostSharp

by Gael Fraiteur on 03 Sep 2008

Alex Yakunin from x-tensive.com announced yesterday the release of DataObjects.NET 4.0, the first commercial product relying and distributing PostSharp.

Cooperation with X-tensive.com started two years ago; they were the first commercial company that chose to rely on PostSharp for their flagship product. We have worked together to fix bugs and add features in these still early days.

The project was difficult and ambitious, deadlines have been often postponed, and I am happy to see that the project finally went out!

DataObjects.NET 4.0 is released under GPL and commercial licenses.

Congratulations to all, and specially to Alex and Denis with whom I have been communicating a lot last year!

Happy PostSharping!