Announcing Metalama: a modern Roslyn-based meta-programming framework

by Gael Fraiteur on 22 Feb 2022

We’re proud and happy to announce the first preview release of Metalama, a modern Roslyn-based meta-programming framework for .NET that helps reducing boilerplate code and architecture erosion. Metalama is the .NET developer’s next best companion for boilerplate elimination, custom live templates & code fixes, and architecture validation.

To learn more about Metalama, visit our website, check the impressive list of features, skim the documentation, or play in the online sandbox.


Today is a good day to try. After a couple of early demonstrators, today’s release is the first mature one and we consider it to be an almost production-ready product except for a few features and testing. If you have a small, fresh project, it’s a good time to try Metalama to see what it’s capable of.

Metalama is the successor of PostSharp. Metalama surpasses PostSharp in many regards including design-time experience, ease of use, platform support, performance, and debuggability. However, there are still feature gaps. It is not yet a good time to perform the big migration on your own. No worry! We will still be supporting PostSharp until Metalama will become a complete replacement, and even some time after this milestone.

We will provide caviar support to early adopters. If you’re using PostSharp and are excited to move to Metalama, we would like to hear from you. According to Metalama’s readiness and our own capacities, we will do all we can to early adopters to port their code to Metalama. Any question now? Join us on Slack for anything.

You can use Metalama for free. Metalama is free during preview for everyone, but that’s not all. You can continue with the free Metalama Essentials which includes a broad set of features without limitation of project size or company size. We will also offer free licenses of our unlimited product for open-source projects, students & classrooms, MVPs, other influencers.