Announcing PostSharp 6.10 Preview: Support for .NET 6.0, Visual Studio 2022, and C# 10

by Gael Fraiteur on 25 Oct 2021

PostSharp 6.10 Preview is now available for download as a preview release on NuGet. You can also download PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio 2022 from our website.

PostSharp 6.10 Preview supports .NET 6.0 RC2, C# 10 and Visual Studio 2022 RC2.

PostSharp 6.10 will not get any new feature besides supporting the new Microsoft platform, as we are focusing on the next generation of our meta-programming platform, Project “Caravela”. PostSharp 6.10 will be a long-term supported (LTS) release, pinned to NET 6.0 LTS, replacing PostSharp 6.5 LTS (published in March 2020).

If you are planning to update your projects to .NET 6.0 soon, it’s a good idea to try to update to PostSharp 6.10 and report any problem via our support forum so we can strike when the iron is hot.

Happy PostSharping!